true friends

September 22, 2010
By DanceIsBreath GOLD, Grimes, Iowa
DanceIsBreath GOLD, Grimes, Iowa
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True friends aren’t fake,
Or wont talk behind your back.
They won’t lie to you,
Unless it’s for the best.
They look out for you,
Even if they are failing.
They’ll grab your hand,
As you fall off the railing.
They won’t glair at you.
Or call you mean names.
They can make you laugh,
At the midst of tears.
And there they’re for you,
To help you threw your tears.
Many will come,
as fake as they can get.
Stabbing you,
With every chance you get.
But my friends are different.
There true friends in deed.
They wont mess with your head,
And will love you till the end.

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