Only Me

September 21, 2010
By Anonymous

God this room is empty
Its so empty when i'm with you
I feel so little with you
Because you're such a bright light
And against you, i'm only me

When I'm alone,
I dont have to please
Speaking my mind, I'm always free
But when I'm next to you, I'm only me

You're everything people want
What they want to need
You're the light in the tunnel
While I'm the dinky backpack

I'm only me.

No one wants to love me,
Not when they see you
I'm not good enough
But I am good enough
When it's only me

People say I'm pretty and great
But then they meet you
And all I am is me
And that's either too much or just
Not enough
Because I'm only me

When I sit alone
When I'm reading
When I'm singing
When I close my eyes
I'm only me

And that's good enough

The author's comments:
My sister is kind of perfect and I am definately not physically, emotionally, or morally. And frankly, I'm tired of it.

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