My Only Exception

September 21, 2010
By , Richmond, VA
I shy away from showing emotion
A hug, a kiss, any sign of devotion
To the point I’m seen as awkward and cold
Because of my feelings I choose to withhold.
To the world I cringe at every embrace
It’s a part of me I wish I could erase.

But when I’m with you…

The smell of your hair
Catches me unaware
The scent fogs my mind
Causing me to become blind
The warmth of your body heat
Forces my nerves to retreat
Removes my fear
Of being too near
Being damaged
Having a heart that can’t be salvaged

But at the same time I yearn
To love and be loved in return
To everyone I’ve shut my heart
For fear someone will tear it apart
It’s only been open to a select few
The most important of course being you
My Only Exception

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