What That You Speak of?

September 21, 2010
By cookies... BRONZE, McFarland, California
cookies... BRONZE, McFarland, California
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Love the four letter word
the one thing everyone wishes for
Love 1 more thing tolive for

The one thing I wish to have
The one thing I don't
But pretend to

Seeking this feeling of which I wish to have
The feeling other than hate
Anger or rage

But when I say those three words
"I love you"
Nothingbuilds up
No feeling here or there

But when I think about it
I love you because you love me
I love your feeling towards me

I can't live without you I've said
I can't live without someone to tell me they care
Can't live without something that makes me feel as if I belong

So I love the feeling of loving
I don'tlove you

It's normal in life
We all need tobe accepted
We all need to feel that way
So do you really love me?
Or is it what I've told you?

My three favorite words in which
Many decieve
Many raise hopes upon
The feeling that I wish for
The four etter word


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