Loosing Hope

September 21, 2010
By saviesmileslots PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
saviesmileslots PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
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Our fingerprints dont fade from the lives we touch

You're eyes begin to sting
You're chest begins to ache
Tears roll down your cheek
As you think of him
Nothing to do to stop yourself
No word to end it all
Only lost memories
Forgotten tears
Broken hearts
You try to forget the past
Trying to hold your head high
For the future
But with every step you take
Hope slips away
Like sand falling between your fingers
No hope
No reason to keep going
You break down
Why am I still here
Why was I ever here
In the first place
Do we all just live
To die
Is there really no meaning
And why is it
Words get to you
As easily as being hit in the stomach
Each word leaves you gasping for breath
And there's nothing you can do
Nothing to say
You just sit there and listen
To each thing she has to say
After so long
You forget to not believe her
Physical pain hurts just as much as emotional
You take a beating from him
Almost as if he makes it a daily thing
Do all of them want to hurt me
Is that all they strive to do
Scarred inside and out
What is there left for you to do
Other than question yourself
And everything else there is here
You can have endless amounts
Of encouragment from your friends
But they can only do so much
You'll still question yourself
Questioning life itself
What are you still here for
Why aren't you gone already
What's the point of this world
And why do we all live

The author's comments:
you have to find the TRUE purpose of life.

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