Dont bring me back into your life

September 21, 2010
By saviesmileslots PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
saviesmileslots PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
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Our fingerprints dont fade from the lives we touch

I like you
That much I know
But how do I know that you won't hurt me?
Like you did her?
You can never be sure of anything I guess
If that were possible
Then life would not exist
For what is life,
Than a mere question?
I know I want you,
And you don't want her,
Thinking possesses my mind to question everything
Am I just as scary and annoying?
My friends say no,
But what do you say?
You're the one that matters, after all
Is it because she's a freshman?
Because of her make-up?
Because of what she said?
Do you hate her now?
Because she hates you
Even if you said nothing directly to her
You hurt her
And she hurts you
And do I dare risk that?
You mean so much more to me than you should
And I hate it
I love our friendship
Which has grown into liking more than just that...
You get me
Which is so hard for people to do
But when I find someone who does...
They're so much harder to let go
Even if they've killed me inside
I'll still hold on
Which may result in torture,
It may be worth it
I mean,
I've had to let go in the past
And look who I found...
So please,
Explain this to me
Because I can't stand to get that hurt again
I won't go back there
I refuse
You're the main holder of that power
So I beg you,
Don't bring me back,
To that place of pain,
I once knew.

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