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September 21, 2010
By saviesmileslots PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
saviesmileslots PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
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Don’t cry
I'm sitting here
Trying not to cry
I know you're right there
I can see you
You can see me
Why can't I be with you?

My heart is hurting non-stop
As I slowly fall beneath the the pain
And still all I do is wait
Wait for the time where you'll let me
Be yours
Why can't I deal with the pain?

I can't help but cry
The tears come pouring out when you aren't looking
You tell me you just want me to be happy
But we both know how I'll be happy
And for some reason, you don't explain it all
Why can't i be with the one who has my heart?

You smile,
You make me laugh
You make me enjoy things I haven't enjoyed in a while
But still I'm all but alone
Just waiting for you to come around
Why can't I breathe?

Is this how it's destined for me to be?
Preordained by some greater power?
To go through this pain?
To have the love that I crave so desperately
Why can't I smile?

How is it
You understand my faces?
My masks i put up to protect myself
To save myself from the cruel world that surrounds me
To understand me when I hide it from others so well?
Why can't I do the same with you?

Why can't I get you out of my head?
I just want to stop hurting
I want to stop crying
Why is it so hard to want you
So hard to like you
Why do I want to do nothing but cry cause I can't have you?
Why can't I hold you

Why can't I be with you
Why can't I get myself over you
Why can't I think of anyone except you
Why can't I wake up or go to sleep without thinking about you
Why can't I stop being excited when i think you've sent me a message

But most importantly....

What I ask myself all the time....
No matter where I am....
Or who I'm with....
It's always that same.....
Why can't I stop liking you?

I need you
I cry cause I can't be with you
When you will text me for hours cause I can't stop crying,
Even thought you have no idea
When you know without looking at me that I'm upset
When you understand me like no one else can

The author's comments:
Going through this is something you never want to do.

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