It just didnt work

September 21, 2010
By saviesmileslots PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
saviesmileslots PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
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With angry tears streaming down my face
I wonder how you can possibly act this way.
Cant you see whats going on?
The pain Im in is just too strong.
That you can just say
"It will be okay"
Is beyond my understanding
When Im sitting here in my misery.
And I thought you cared.
I really thought you might have cared.
But now Im starting to think
That you dont it huts..
Cause here I am filled with anger and pain
And all you can say is
"It will be okay"
And you just walk away.
You walk away as if nothings wrong
As if my pain inside
And my heart on the ground
Is nothing more
Than a passing frown.
Nothing more than a fly on your hand.
And now I see how youve neglected me
Just saying hi every week or so.
Well I cant stand that,
And I think you should know.
That I wont take this
Ill have to make a stand.
I wont just stand here waiting
With my heart in my hand.
Because all too often I have tears
Just coming out in streams
And all too often I am just
Holding back screams.
And it hurts me to see that you cant even tell
You dont know how I feel
Unless I spell it all out.
This pain of being rejected
Of being spit out and neglected
This anger at being misunderstood
Of being trampled on and ignored.
It just all burst open
This anger and shame
And I sat here spilling my fury and pain.
And I told you my problems
I said them out loud.
And all I get is
"Itl be okay."
...And you just walk away.
Well, Ive always been told.
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.
But tomorrow will never come.

The author's comments:
I dont know what i was thinking at the time i wrote this besides the fact something must have been wrong

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