Moving On

September 21, 2010
By saviesmileslots PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
saviesmileslots PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Our fingerprints dont fade from the lives we touch

I'm through with trying to fit in your boxes
I'm old enough to think for myself
present the facts, I'll draw my own conclusions
it's not connect the dots or color by number anymore
(my mind works a thousand words a minute
my tongue can't keep up with it
I've muddled my words
because they are cumbersome and
I've confused myself again
repeat infinitum)
the labels you stamped on my head have faded
I'm through with letting you be the judge
I'm done with jumping through your hoops
wait a minute, let me finish
I'm not blaming you, I live vicariously too
but I think when the leaves fall
well, then this season is over
I want you to change the channel
because I can't be myself when I know you're watching
I can't grow up if you don't let me go
and I can't sit still and let my wings rot
(every time I've felt connected
when you weren't watching me
it's not that I want to be just another square
in a city of squares
I just don't want to be the only circle
that's safety in numbers, not mob mentality
you don't approve, I know)
I'm through with this pedestal you've put me on
I don't need this list of expectations
all your encouraging 'you can do it''s
(that's a lot of pressure
and you never said
'but it's okay if you don't')
now I'm failing you on purpose
this is my point:
I don't want what you want

The author's comments:
this was just my thoughts at the time.

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