September 21, 2010
By sklungs GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
sklungs GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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Imagine a peaceful world without crime or war
The world will love each other
And always get along

We would never need a leader everyone would be equal
The old will live until they choose to die
Never be any casualties in the horror of war

Never be any court
Or people under lock and key forever

Never be any conflict
Any trouble at all

Blood never shed
Hearts never broken

Families never disappointed
Families would never cry

Names never written
On stones we call memorials

Cemeteries are smaller

Uniforms are never worn
Boot camps are empty
And so are battlefields

Streets are not filled with crime
Children can play freely
Without a sliver of hope

Lives will be worth the same
And so will there items

Guns and Drugs, there are no more
Cures are found
Gangs are disbanded

Tears are never shed

Know open your eyes, and stop dreaming, welcome to the real world.

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