Skin Differences

September 21, 2010
By sklungs GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
sklungs GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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Why should someone be discriminated because of skin?
It’s just skin
You got a problem with it
Deal with it
Cause I know you don’t need
To spend your energy on taking it out on that person
Ya people are different
that’s what makes life, life
how would you like it if you were discriminated
cause of hair color?
ya not so pleasant
skin is just a color
it doesn’t mean anything
ya maybe black-skinned people are different then white-skinned people
but who cares, I know I don’t
and you shouldn’t either
the world shouldn’t
who would kill or hurt someone over skin?
it’s stupid, I shouldn’t be treated any different because I’m white or black
the world is full of ignorant, racist people and it needs to be stopped
world leaders are racist
people who are suppose to guide us
are there any Asian presidents? Mexican?
no there all old white guys
way to be racist America
I have to admit electing a the first black president is a step in the right direction
how long did that take?
what? over 200 years wow America
we’re suppose to set an example for the other nations when we’re doing this
wow world
it’s skin
just skin

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