"Your Dismissed From My Life"

September 21, 2010
By Anonymous

I gave so much up to a guy who didn’t care,or love me.
I believe every word he said, just to get shut down in the end
I tried to fake my sadness, just to prove myself that im over him
I stopped crying a long time ago, but now everything is flooding back
I wished what I was feeling was just my imagination
I hoped that what you were saying were lies
I focused on the bad & just realized you never had the good
Everyone’s right about you
Your just like what people say
And its sad that I just found this out
I hate you
I hope you feel what I feel right this second
I hope your heart breaks, and never is whole again
I hope you suffer
I hope you fall in love with the girl you really love,
Even though its not me
I cant tell you I hate you & mean it
But I cant talk to you and say I don’t feel anything either
My hearts slowly breaking
I need to put it whole again
And by doing that I need to let go of you
You might not care, and that’s fine but I just want you to know how I feel
Im sorry, even though im truly not
I hope you the best
I hope you find happiness
I hope you never feel what I felt
I hate feeling used & abused by you
I thought you were my friend?
I thought you cared?
But it was all a lie
You just did this to use me,
And get what you wanted
I feel so worned down
I feel that you did this on purpose,
Used my feelings, and broke my heart
Just to prove something
But now im letting go,
And I aint looking back
This was the final straw
I hope you realize what you’ve done
I hope you apologize and beg for my forgiveness
And if you don’t
Well, then
Its your loss !

“Your dismissed from my life”

The author's comments:
Too my lil girl
( insider )

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