Mama's Home

September 21, 2010
By Anonymous

Mama’s home
Smile on her face
Happiness in her eyes
She fills my head it, spreading this virus
It was a good day

Parties are made
Our fortune is spread
Our money is used
Toast, cheers, and wine is called for

Mama’s home
It was an early day
This time a disappointed face on top of hers
This time a glimmer of hope is in her eye
Alcohol now eases her pain

Mama’s home
A long talk with her friend
Come between our time
“Adult talk” she calls it
I know what she covers
We go out to eat
So she can drink
A call interrupts it
All she does is rub her head and look down

Parties are made
With the slightest thing to celebrate
Attempting to once again fill our heads
To make us feel rich
Make she feel fortunate
But the next day she gets a phone call
After all expression is drained from her face, she turns to me
No allowance she cries¬
I didn’t do anything!
Less parties she adds, less parties

Mama’s home
Face drowned in tears, eyes in distress
Upset yells fall out of her mouth
Hugs are shared
We try to calm her down

Mama’s home
and that’s where she’s staying, home

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