Speckled Roses

September 23, 2010
Silence surrounds me
As the birds swallow their song,
The music vanishing with the dawn.
I can see things I wanted
And other things I needed,
But who ever says they're haunted
By a plan that's just succeeded?
A sunflower getting sunburned,
A butterfly blown away -
Even when you're beautiful
The betrayer gets betrayed.
So was it me, or was it you?
The ship unfit for the sea,
Or the window without a view?
The things I never said,
The songs I might have sung,
Are petals painted shocking red
But that painting's left undone.
Walls will crumble, but I'll still climb,
So walk this garden path and take your time,
Because even after you've gone
(and I know you're going to leave)
The wind will stir these silver chimes
(and make happiness so easy to believe).
Only speckled roses will remain,
Stained by habits and silently growing,
Growing bitterly old and boldly gray,
Wishing the sky wouldn't turn gold
As they choke in the light of one more day.
Could their death be bliss
Or only as real, as true, as happiness?
Does any dream really exist?
Leave the garden or stay,
Just make sure you know
Every garden has a gate,
And that gate will always
Eventually close.
Every heart is a dying rose.

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