Unseen Heroes

September 23, 2010
By UnseenHero BRONZE, Everywhere, Colorado
UnseenHero BRONZE, Everywhere, Colorado
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It does not belong to me
I huddle in my jacket
Passing the place where the children play
Where so many memories are made
The ladder I touch
Where the little boy fell
Where he learned to get up
Just one more time
The tarnished jungle-gym
Underneath which was a castle
A place for princesses to play
To make friends
One tall slide
Whereupon you could rule the world
Where the little girl jumped
But could not fly
A lopsided swing
Where kids could touch the sky
Soaring like birds
Floating up so high
The tree where I now sat
Rough brown bark holding my memories
My place of solace
It does not belong to me
But to every child with a wish
A hope, a dream
Every child who ever stood up
Their personal victories unseen

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