The Backstabber.

September 23, 2010
When I got stabbed in the back I felt this emptinest,this anger,this depression that no one could help. I wanted to yell,scream, and cry. I wanted to hurt the person who has hurt me.
How dare they?
After all the trust you put in them.
Out of all the times you have together.
How dare they even have a thought of backstabbing you.
Your my bestfriend you say?
How are you going to prove it.
By stabbing me in the back again?
By betraying my trust?
Do you think im going to honestly belive that you had " a bad day" and that you were"talked into it."
And dont you dare even deny it.
Youv'e done enough damage.
Lets not make it worse.
But I also want to thank you.
For teaching to stay away from people like you.
To have more respect for myself not too hang out with people like you.
This is too you.
The backstabber.

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