The Circus

September 23, 2010
By ThatEsotericGirl. GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
ThatEsotericGirl. GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
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When i give
I give hard
When i fall
I fall without guard
But you; you seem not to care
as if you already knew this love wasnt fair
you seemed to know just what to do
to make me fall and let go; get loose
i really did feel something
atleast i thought so
but it looks as if your the lion tamer
and im just the clown who doesnt get to end the show
so honey, please oh please let me know
of what you really mean to me; what you really are
cause im just the clown who is forced to squeeze into the car
though you; you may be the magician
pulling all the fake tricks
and im just the rabbit who doesnt get all of the kicks
playing another magic game with me; are you now?
one of those dazzling ones where you make something disappear
like an elephant; a women; maybe ever a deer
but instead of doing something easy
like waving your slender wand at a dove
no; you choose to make vanish is your love
love that made me feel all those things ive never ever felt before
and all of the audience; including naive little me wanted more
but no; magicians never reveal their secrets
so you kept playing along; just you && me
though at the end of the show
when the grand finale was a go
you took off that drape over your heart
thats when mine was ripped and torn apart
no love to be found
not one trace
but its the truth we all have to face
so as the rabbit
i must let you know
when i give
i expect a better ending; wrapped in a bow
and when i fall
i expect you to be waiting to catch me below

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