dream a dream

September 23, 2010
The starry sky burning the luminous mini suns; the stars shine
lay there motionless under the blanket that shields youre perfect whine
your imaginary fingers are at peace right where they should be
caressing my side, holding on to the sleeping me.
you & i both know this connection should not be there
but we struggle through the current;
taking a step for every two pushed back
its not that our love is unavailable or not in tact
youre eyes still locked on the thing you cradle
decide that im worth it; keeping our fingers entwined
the cutting ropes make a fearless bond between us, a magical bind
in a dream, the clock is at rest; no motion of the seconds to track
just my head racing, my memory absorbing the moment of serenity
there'll never be enough hours in the dozen of figures staring at me
the figures i am willing to count farther; to infinity
the infinity time i have here to cascade into your heat
into your grasp; with no other concerns then those digits burning a hole on my heart
its the feeling that is just there when you wake up to a dim room
you dont wanna leave the also sentimental scene in your head
but still the ringing you first hear in your subconscious returns you to reality
slam the snooze and almost fear that the surreal light wont recompense me
i shove the thought of facing the real world towards the bottomless door
i pause right here; in a moment not measured in those hasty 12 figures
in cover of the starry night where the distance blazing suns appear
with you in touch with me; hands still unmoved ,entwined
please, i warn you, dont get up; outa the picture; me left to wake
but you say, "did you forget this love was never meant to be, to take"
my mouth is without a sound, but my head is ringing with the answer i wished to convey
no, i scream inside, i hadnt forgotten, but obviously you make the believed bond to go away
there, i rapidly let my eyes enter into the unwelcoming world
just another day; instead under the unprotected stealth of the sun
i dont get up; bang on the ringing i hear consciously now.
lay there motionlessly under the broken shield of sheets
trying with everything in me to drift into a deep sleep
because in that world of dreams you might still be with me.

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