Hole Of Forgotten

September 23, 2010
When the past persuades itself to camouflage into a hole of forgotten
All you obtain; is what you hold close to your chest
Thinking maybe itll make that once beating organ feel more to its best
this happens to be the one thing barricading you from blending to where the past is
Its still glued thickly and perfectly onto your heart
The kind of sticky glue where it takes a piece of your paper insides as you rip it apart
Its one of those things that you have to let go and let be
For the kind of misfortune it exists to bring is something worse inside of me
I debate with that other organ inside the mess on top of my shoulders
Say, “its like a bandage. Just snatch it off and finally be at rest”
So I do it. I take a hold of it with my own bare hands
Grasp the bandage so hard the hairs on my arms are at attentive stand
A predictable moment without a doubt; though had no intentions to do anything less
There in my hand the trophy of my triumph of overcoming a depress
There to spoil the welcoming glory was the sight that replaced the patch
Staring back at me was the thing I had so worked to seal and latch
A hole it was. Yes I know, You may say I’m a fool
For thinking such a hole could be such an endless pool
But “I am not,” I defensibly repel back.
For the truth is what your mess above your shoulders lacks
I let the pale of my painful skin around the endless pool relinquish
That’s when I start to feel
The endless hole is getting hungry for a meal
The rumble and grumble from my tummy this time is not from famish warning
It is the dark hole that is ever so distinctly moaning
I didn’t realize it at first
But that hole was just on a deadly search
The mess on top of my shoulders tried to protect
But with an intensely instant connect
there was nothing left to look out for cause the monster already stole
The one thing I had held so close to my chest,
the place where my heart was at rest
for now it might as well have stolen my whole identity
cause in the minutes of after math I learn there will be no serenity
just to put the monster to an abrupt stop
I scatter my shaking hands to seek the honored top
The damage the monster had bestowed hastened my mission
finally found the patch to cover the thing that took all my ambition
I hustled to conceal the animal that had lurked on its prey
After seeing the marks of what liberating that bandage can do
I am still not at content with my rhythm of breathe; time flew
I think its safe to say that I shall no longer be condemned as a fool
For that was no ordinary pitch black, bottomless pool
This time I keep my valued possessions far away from my chest
I need those items when my luck is not at its best
Just for curiosity, I lay my hand by that organ that is still yet to beat
Feel the residue of the glue that my hand had decided to meet
Then my fingers tend to browse over one specific part
Where things seem to come to an end; no new beginning to start
Nothing seems to come to a joyous end
There under my limps of my collapsing hand
Lies what you might remember as the hole of forgotten
Where my soul and my past are captured; destined to die and become rotten

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