The Electronic Cage

September 23, 2010
By Anonymous

I’m a voice- not a text
Your life’s online, god, what’s next?
Status Update:
It’s time to relate
To the people around you-
The sights and sounds you-
Left behind
Just wish I could remind-
Do you exist offline?
How do you find the time?
Give me a sign
That you’re even still alive.
Can you ever unplug-
www dot is your drug
on your phone acting so smug,
you only ever look down,
I only ever see a frown-
Unless I’m looking at the profile pic,
What a cute trick,
You seem so slick-
Looking perfect is as easy as a click.
It makes me sick.
I remember when,
Back in the days of play pen,
We thought teenagers drove cars,
Hung out and played guitars,
Drank beer under the stars,
So it seems so bizarre-
That now being a teen means
Facebook all night,
I’ll text you an invite-
LOL cause I can’t spell right-
Aint dat tight?
Living in black and white.
It’ll send your hard drive into overload
Mice, keyboards, ipods- all explode,
It’s the digital age
One big electronic cage,
Our parents pushed minimum wage,
And now we’re setting the stage-
To throw away their world
Never mind the leaps and hurdles,
Tweeting our way to the next generation,
God bless the soul who doesn’t have preparation,
For this sick creation,
Sending the invitation-
To digital chaos.
I’ve made my way,
Without email and phones- do I sound cliché?
So that’s what I’ve got to say,
I’m trying to lead you away,
Put the thought in your day.
Pause- press stop
Do I look fat?
Well there’s always Photoshop.

The author's comments:
I'm 16, I'm a normal teenager, but I really hate technology.

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