September 23, 2010
By Navy_Baby011 GOLD, Lithonia, Georgia
Navy_Baby011 GOLD, Lithonia, Georgia
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"A woman can't teach a man how to be a man, he has to learn on his own"
"A pupil who is truly ready, his teacher will appear before him"


Alone in the dark

I await your arrival

I know you’re coming

Senses are heighten

Every sound this place makes I hear

Anticipating every second, for each second that pass, you’re getting closer





My wounds just won’t heal

Fire scorching through my veins

It’s getting harder to breathe

Door creaks open

Dark silhouette

I began to shake


Footsteps coming closer

Gripping my sheets

You know I’m not asleep

Awake or not awake

It doesn’t matter

Re-opening wounds is a constant task

Covers gently pulled back

Body exposed

Whisper in my ear

“Not a sound”

You order

Domination in your voice

Seriousness in your words

Mouth shut

I submit

Crawling in my skin

Aches in my spine

This will be over soon

Best friend of mines

Where has this friendship gone?

Is this right to do?

From Barbie dolls and games

To me kissing you

In the night

You say everything will be fine

A secret of yours

A nightmare of mines

Friends forever

Through thick and thin

From boyfriends and exes

Through mistakes and heartaches

From break ups to make up

You say we still are friends

Just our little secret

This secret will forever be held in remembrance

Because it is my choice

To stay silent

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