This is What it Feels Like

September 24, 2010
By Anonymous

Closing in around me, I can't escape you now.
You're all around me, all over me.
Pushing against my chest, until my breathing becomes cries and screams.
Wrapping your tangle of arms around me,
and squeezing me into you.
You surround me completely and hold me captive.
You hold me there all day and carry me through life,
constantly reminding me that you're there,
by giving my heart an almighty squeeze,
you squeeze the life right out of me.
My lungs feel as though they're collapsing,
and tears burst from my eyes,
words are muttered through my lips and screams swallowed,
by my dry, burning throat.
I used to have control over you,
and I'd push you away when things got too much,
Now you're always there and it's impossible to escape.
How can I peel this dullness off myself?
How can I get rid of you for good?
How can I live life lightly,
without the weight of you on me constantly?

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