Another Life Gone

September 17, 2010
By Chris.S.T GOLD, Vancouver, Washington
Chris.S.T GOLD, Vancouver, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Man can be as pure as a rose...

Or as Twisted as the Night sky"

Im losing what little
of my life i have left,
im in pieces and you
run your finger down
across the remains of my
heart, and claw your way
through the center, not
a care in the world,
a heartbreaker, when ive
done all i can do bring
you off the dangerous
path you were on, now im
thrown out like a piece
of meat, your cruelity has
sent my life spiraling
down, your stricken hand
leaving my heart grapled
in blood, my world has
lost its color no longer
that boy with a smile
on his face, now only a tear
in his eye, searching
for a hope to bring you
forth, yet i see none
whatsoever, abonded,
and ridiculed, im a broken
and destroyed, i live
my life, but plan to make
it a shorter one, drastic
relsults in death, and
the troubles just seem to pile
on, i want leave to
go where there are none
where none can hurt me,
does such a place exist...

... we are so driven
to be free and let go, that
we tear down those who matter
most, un-doubtley destroying
another life.

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