September 17, 2010
The way you feel when you love someone,
When you have someone to call your own,
Someone that makes you feel special,
Someone that you give your trust and love,
You have the best time of your life,?You spend your time loving someone,
Then they leave,
Your love is gone,
And you never see them again,
Slipped out of your hands,
And you run out of tears,
Eventually you have to let go,
And give it up,
No matter how much you care about them,
But everything happens for a reason,
If you weren’t meant to love them,
Then it wouldn’t have happened.
No matter how much they meant to you,
Or how much of your life you spent with them,
Cherish the good times you did have,
And let that sit in your memory,
Don’t remember the negative,
Only the positive,
And set them free

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