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September 17, 2010
By beteljuice01 SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
beteljuice01 SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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The Game

Roses are red

Violets are blue

You tried to crush me

So f*** You

You thought I was breakable, moldable, easily changeable into

Whatever You wanted.

You should have read the label.

I am no one’s Barbie doll

Nothing about me is bubbly air headed or simple




I have and will always be independent

I have had enough of your mind games

F***ing with my mind frame

Guess what boo

I know when You’re lying

Ya ain’t slick

Nobody sits at windows waiting for You

When You say You’ll be there and don’t show up

Nobody gives a damn about your feelings

When You get mad I don’t call You every time I change-

Locations, positions, my mind

Narcissus You are not the center of the universe and some things take priority to You

So if you don’t want to call for a week or answer phone calls fine

‘Cause You get mad over something I-

Say, do, think

But don’t get mad if after the third call ‘m not lightin’ up Your answer machine




You can’t make me a different person by

“Losing track of time” or “have a broken phone for the umpteenth time this month”

Intelligence is the name of the game

And I break high scores

So play by my rules

Or don’t play at all

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