September 17, 2010
By devinnmariee SILVER, New City, New York
devinnmariee SILVER, New City, New York
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Stone by stone a castle builds tall into the clouds
The child becomes a princess, waving to the crowds
Swirling mermaids circle the imaginary tower
Her stories unfold, like the bloom of a flower
More and more she thinks, and more and more she can see
Pirates, Fairies, Deserts, and Trees
Anything she wants, dances before her eyes
Dragons, Kings, Lands in the sky

On and on she plays, that wonderful sensation
Oh, what great things, the beauty of imagination

Descending like a cold grey fog, night blankets the house
The mother calls to the child, and bedtime is announced
The child ends her play, and starts to ready for bed
And as the covers cradle her, nightmares arouse in her head
Surely the dresser must harbor a terrible monster, hungry to eat
Of course there is a terror that hides under the bed, near her feet
Those long shadows that the moon casts against the wall
Shift with a movement giving faces to them all

The poor girl fears, that terrible watched sensation
Who knew such bad things, could come from imagination

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