September 16, 2010
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I’ll hide now from the world.
Reality unfurled
Is quite a scary thing
When nothing ever sings.

And in my darkness there
I’ll not again despair.
Like groundhogs in the cold,
I’ll sleep and soon grow old.

The world out there is sad,
The news is always bad.
So why not leave it be?
It’s better here, you’ll see.

Before, I’d always search,
Like hawks glare from a perch,
I scrutinized this land
Until it fell to sand.

And then my body shook
With each and every look
Of shivering disgust
Borne straight from all the dust.

It looked at me with hate
In my exhausted state
So then I thought I’d go
And leave all truth and woe.

And now I’m happy here,
For never will I fear.
No trouble on this breeze,
So join me if you please.

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