For the Heartbroken who are never quite understood completely…

September 16, 2010
By NatashaGabrielle BRONZE, South Hempstead, New York
NatashaGabrielle BRONZE, South Hempstead, New York
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When I look into the Mirror,
I see this Face of Sorrow Love.

Her reflection is one where
She’s lost. Her Soul
Being torn open and
Heart falling apart.
Being pecked at by Starving Birds,
With no defense.

Then taped backed together,
But it won’t hold for long.
There’s a need,
But no one now, only in the past life
To stitch it and sew it back together with care
In order to protect it for the longest of time.
Still showing the Scars.

She Loved,
She has Heard and she Recorded.

Soon enough,
The tears came falling from the Sky.
As her cries accompanied by Screams
Of sarcastic Joy.
In the midst of Flashbacks
Of quick zaps of yellow across the Dark Sky.
Making the Storm of the Century.

When I look into the mirror,
My reflection is one which I never knew.

I close my Eyes.

Wishing the Road of Life
Wasn’t a Bumpy Boulevard.
But solely one where it
Was Smooth and Twining
Full of Peace and Dreams that come True.
The Grass grows freely and green on the side of the Road.
As the Sun always Shines down upon them with Satisfaction for the
Unique Individuality in the clear blue Skies and marshmallow clouds.

The Storm came after giving her Heart away
And Falling into the Trap.
At first it was a drizzle
That worsened and turned into a downpour.
A Hurricane
With Thunderous roars
And Lightning unzippering the locked up Past.
Showing times both of Love and Regret.

I open my Eyes.
And see this Face of Sorrow Love.

A Single Drop of Rain
Rolling past,
Down the green hills;
Into a Puddle of thrown away and turned down Dreams.

There falls the Drop of a Life
Existing of no

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece after ending a relationship. I hope people can relate to how heartbreak scars our hearts in all different ways.

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