September 26, 2010
By superman-prime SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
superman-prime SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
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Racism is the fear of one's proclaimed image.
It has no face and no name
except for the one we give it
but why?
why a face?
or a a name?
Because we need or want to blame.
the three things I have realized:
hate leads to fear
fear leads to tears
with those tears we weep our way to only say
"I am colorblind."
But we act kind out of spite or loathe
let the world lead us blind to hold things misunderstood
because the world condemns what it does not preceive.
What it doesn't accept, we, as a people need
to open our eyes to an undegenerative neccessity
to evolve and embrace
not as a color or a race
but as a people.
As an enduring continuum of people.

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