September 21, 2010
I could spend a million years with you
and not one, would I waste
A billion fights I could endure with you
but not one, would make me want to leave you
Your parents may not even like me
but we’ll make it through ‘till the end
We may have a few rough patches
when our bills take more than we have
but I will never regret the past
Some days we might forget about the love we share
but it won’t last very long
because every day, with one look at you, you will always
sweep me off my feet and stop my heart in a split second
Our kids may end up hating us
but only because they don’t understand
We may lose everything we have
but objects are the least of my worries
as long as I’m with you
All these are good reasons to give up on life
but none of them give me a good reason to give up on you

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