I Have An Idea

September 21, 2010
By , Keswick, United Kingdom
I have an idea. I know what we’ll do.
We’ll build a whole culture, just me and you and you.
A culture built on self-esteem, a culture built on hope,
Houses built of kindness, motorways of other tropes.
Fields and fields of gratitude, rivers made of fun;
A bigger, better deepness will through this culture run.
Children will cry with laughter, birds will soar above,
But best of all, yes best of all, this culture’s made of love.

I have an idea. I know what we’ll do.
We’ll go down and visit the culture made anew.
What is this? What have we here? What has been done?
All around is depression, everywhere money spun.
Some people squander all on fame, but others starving lie.
Still others give up. They squat in dirt. They die and die and die.
It’s wrong! It’s wrong! It cannot last! The ruin must be stopped –
After all it has taken thus the human race might drop.

I have an idea. I know what we’ll do.
We’ll try and save this culture, just me and you and you.
We’ll send the Second You to them to teach them to behave:
Their tainted minds and tainted hearts his word of love will save.
For a while he walked with them, and talked just like one too.
But the men of fame and wealth disliked the Second You.
They thought they needed no help, they only wanted pain;
So they put the Second You to death, and all was wrong again.

I have an idea. I know what we’ll do.
We’ll bring joy to this world at last, just me and you.
We’ll resurrect the Second You, and lift him to the sky
And words of peace and hope and love will spill out from on high
The human race will see where they went wrong from the start
And they’ll rue the day their wicked ways from our love made them part.
From then on all will be love and peace, it’s true;
And we’ll fulfil our plan since time began, just me and you and you.

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