come back....

September 21, 2010
By liddoqirlswaqq BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
liddoqirlswaqq BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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the silent cry watching him leave' [come)
I guess that's why they call it window pain
the feeling of cutting
without stopping[back)
walking with
the desire to drop
not noticing the people who[please)
seem to be there
with just one stare
you seem to never care[I miss you)
I guess that what you call life
nothing but pain and regrets
seeing him leave and[daddy)
never coming back
I guess that's why they called it....
window pain..

The author's comments:
i got inspired because i lost my dad when i was little and now i miss him so much so one day i was listing to 'daddy's little girl' by frankie j' and i cry and cry my heart out so i grab a notebook and started to write this poem. then our project was to write a choice piece and i wrote this and she got that idea to write about this on teen ink `

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