No Reservations

September 20, 2010
If I stay up then it doesn’t seem as if time passes by so quickly. Instead of letting the hours run past behind heavy lids, I’d rather watch the early minutes of 10 and 20 change into 40 and 50 so that I can enjoy the slow passing of time and the fleeting moments of freedom I have left.

In the convoluted style of Anthony Bourdain: the fan buzzes, the crickets chirp and yet they are the only sign of life and electricity down this darkened street. That’s just the way I like it. There are few things in this world that give one sheer peace. This is one of them. An open window, fixed to the East and waiting for the sun; a rhythmic pattern of clicks and chirps; and the notion that no one can disturb you at this moment. Right now.

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