What you did to me

September 20, 2010
AT first i hated you. I hated your hair cut Military style. I hated your clothes and what you represented. I hated you with a passion.

Then i met you. Your personality. Out going and full of energy. Bubbly and i know your a guy but you stood out to me.

I liked you from that point...dont worry just as a friend. I liked your smile so bright and interesting.I wanted your company and your advice.

Then i fell...i fell from my stool. I fell from the clouds. You'd disappeared and i couldnt live without. I needed you?

I couldnt do it anymore...i wanted you. So I wrote about the machines and the code blues. I cried as i wrote these words for you.

I finally loved you...I waited for a year and still no replies. I moved on and you came back...

I let you go...yeah over a text and yes for some other guy.

You built me up and broke me down and all along he was around. He stood by and wathced you do this to me...he was there when you couldnt be.

He never backed off he never let go. Yet i loved you for years...three to be exact.

He had a summer and yes i fell for him...while you were at some camp?
THATS WHAT THE ARMY DOES TO YOU" your exact words to me...you said you found your calling....what about me at home waiting for you?

Well that's okay baby i understand. I cant change you or fix what your going through. All i can say is i cant believe it took me forever to realize...i didnt have to let you do that to me.

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