That Kind of Girl

September 20, 2010
By KatelynLeigh16 GOLD, Dallas, Georgia
KatelynLeigh16 GOLD, Dallas, Georgia
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Im the person your parents warn you about.
Im one of those girls your mom calls a whore
Im one of them....Im one of them
I dont care what they think
I dont care what they say
Im one of those...
Im one of those who have an opinion
Im one of those your dad shakes his head at
Im that girl that sits in the corner reading baby names
Im that girl that has a little boy
Im the one who's baby is an abomination
They point their fingers and they try to hurt me with words
I cry every night wondering if he is disappointed in me
Yeah im that kind of girl
Im the kind of girl your mother would disapprove of....
Yeah thats who i am
I am not ashamed of my son
I am not hurt by the dissapointed faces in front of me
They can shake their heads and point their fingers
Go ahead and dare to whisper
My son is proud he doesnt know
That i am this kind of girl...
I am his mother...the one his father walked out on....
I am the one who held him when he cried
I am the one who stayed in school when i had him
I am that kind of girl
The kind of girl your dad would look at in disgust
The kind of would never be caught with
Im that girl
The one that loves her son and is proud to be his mother...
I am that girl.
I am that Teenage mother
I am that person...that everyone else judges all because I have a baby on my hip and a diaper bag over my shoulder....
I am this kind of girl
The one youd never expect to See in the movies
The one youd never expect to fall in love
The one youd never expect to be the woman i am now...

They dont point and they dont whisper
And even though he is seventeen now he still hasnt seen the kind of girl i used to be...
He may be a teenage boy but
This kind of girl taught her son to be the man his father refused to be....

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my Bestfriends sister...she was 17 when she had her son...

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