i guess you just couldnt be that..

September 20, 2010
By dancerrrsoftballplayer BRONZE, T-townnn, Arizona
dancerrrsoftballplayer BRONZE, T-townnn, Arizona
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high school its not just school,
its a war in a new place,
find your way through life,
who you are,
fight for yourself,
leave old friends pick up new ones,
dodge lies and problems,
i met this girl,
nice at first terrible when you look deeper,
i dug myself a deep whole with her,
she caused problems and made my life hell,
you were a year younger then me still in middle school,
you didnt understand me,
or why this was just the biggest problem but when you get to high school you'll understand she spreads roomers and they spread like wild fire,
i called you in a panic,
it finally became to much to handle,
you didnt answer,
i guess i was wrong to call you my best friend,
in the end,
you just couldnt be that...

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