September 20, 2010
By , Clarksville, AR

Way up high, like we were sitting on air
With the stars above us and the wind in our hair
I held you close, your body to mine
Wishing, if only, I could slow down the time

The shimmering lights with you right there
Left me short of breath as I struggled for air
And even the heavens resting in the sky
Couldn't steal your beauty, captivating mine eye

Then as we sat there, over all the land
I took her cheek gently in my hand
And when, at last, our lips had met
I knew this was a moment I would never forget

Her lips were soft, like the pale moon's light
And her cheeks a furnace in the cool of night
Though the kiss had come and gone too fast
I knew the magic would forever last

The author's comments:
The first kiss that me and my beautiful girlfriend shared together at the county fair on the Ferris wheel. :) What a great night.

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