Lock and Key

September 20, 2010
They adorn the walls
My silent foes
To my commands
They never bend

Intricately shaped, lovingly crafted
Tautly woven together by
Despair, sheer panic to conceal
A treasure which lies unknown

To each which binds, a partner is given
Enveloping me in a sea of
Red brass and gold, akin to
Cold rust, they are merciless

My heart is still
Frozen as methodically
As rhythm which has
No home to return to

A plight driven solely
Upon every antique key
Longing to sit snugly
Within its metal holster

This fruitful advance proves naught
As increments of sand increase
My hour glass is almost empty
These lifeless keys shall claim victory

To that end I am defied
Taunted and mocked by every brazen

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