September 20, 2010
By drrnwrstlr BRONZE, Uniontown, Ohio
drrnwrstlr BRONZE, Uniontown, Ohio
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It's there for just a second
Then it's gone
Nothing but a memory
A thing of the past
Just a sight, a smell
Just a sound, a taste
Just a distant feeling
Just a thing of the mind
You long to experience it again
You Reach for it, stretch
It's so close, taunting
You're almost there, almost back
Then it fades, slips away
Replaced by reality
Reality that it's gone
Reality that trying won't help
It's a thing of the past
And yet, sometimes
You just reach out
Try yet again
Almost there, so close
You want to go back
You know you can't
But you still try
You still try
And hope that one day
Dreams will become reality
A breathtaking experience
And then
Nothing but a memory once more

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