Just Us

September 16, 2010
By sully28 BRONZE, Monroe Township, New Jersey
sully28 BRONZE, Monroe Township, New Jersey
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A scorching summer day

As hot as the Sahara outside

Nothing to be seen except

Two things-

Two friends

Just enjoying life together

My dog and I

Just us

The sun beats down on her jet black coat

As she races across the grass

Fast as lightning

Chasing down a rubber ball

I throw the ball and as it


To the ground

She is there…

Ready for it

She catches it with ease and returns it to me

My 6 year old arms heave the ball across my yard

Her 10 year old legs chase it down
Her jaws clamp on it with might

But she drops it in my hands as light as a feather

Right now I only care about one thing-


In my 6 year old world right now

There are only two things alive

It’s just us

The author's comments:
I wrote this memoir poem in 7th grade during our poetry unit. It's about me and my best friend, my first dog. Unfortunately she's no longer with us, but my memories of her are with me always.

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