Forbidden Love

September 16, 2010
Race from the blazing flames,
Coming from the sky-borne dragon.
Defend herself with the
Gold dagger.
Burn the infamous beast,
Killing it.
Race from the burning battle.
Smile at the heroic man.
Gaze at the cloudy night,
From the dark tower.
Praise the victory of the
Kings warriors.
Fall from the tall, dark tower.
Catch her is what the
Mysterious man did.
Gaze into her eyes,
To fall in love.
Caress the lovely princesses’ cheek.
Send the kings warriors
After the mysterious man.
Run off with the princess.
Save the princess from a
Forbidden love.
Drink the poison, is what
They both did.
Clutch their broken hearts.
Lay there, on the cold ground…

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