Dragons, Princesses, Knight, Oh My!

September 15, 2010
By Jazmin BRONZE, Goodyear, Arizona
Jazmin BRONZE, Goodyear, Arizona
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I remember running around, grains of sand making each step heavier than the last

I remember new faces, ready to start an adventure with open arms to any stranger who dare come along

I remember senseless talking causing uproars as each child generates new ideas and new adventures, each in a mythical land full of dreams and possibilities

I remember dragons, a princess, and a young knight ready to woo the young maiden as the citizens cheered from the safety of makeshift caves

I remember the laughing that could not be stopped, every boy and girl holding their stomach as it shot pains until their face had transformed crimson red

I remember slaying the ones who dared try and ruin our fun with swords that exist only in our minds

I remember first goodbyes were the final, never stumbling upon the citizens of my, once real, kingdom

But most of all I remember the familiar face at sunset, sprinting to his open arms, a man ready to greet his young daughter and carry her home while she awaits for a new adventure tomorrow

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