Mixed for You to See

September 15, 2010
By free_writer BRONZE, Pelham, Alabama
free_writer BRONZE, Pelham, Alabama
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Stereotype me please
I’ve heard it all before
Yeah I look darker but act lighter
My dad is black
My mom is white
Yes, I am
Combined in one
I am living proof
That opposites attract
Stared on as a sin to some
Others I am the change that is to come
I am judged before a word is spoken
Being mixed is what I am, not who I am
Mixed describes me
but does not define me
I live my life as myself
Not as a growing statistic
I show off my curls and curves
I am looked down upon by some because
I am a
Broken rule
I am a mixture African American and Caucasian
Of dark and light
Of rich and ghetto
If you look beneath my pigment you will truly see me
A growing teenage girl

Surviving this confusing world
I will not feel ashamed of who I am
If you listen to the word mixed you will understand
Mixed as in combined, not separated
I am not split down the middle
So don’t look for the line
I am me
You be you
Change is coming, years at a time
The word mixed in my case means two heritages
Not two colors
Take it or leave it
The word “and” connects the two together
Binded forever, for all you see
I am mixed for you to see

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