Our Rose

September 16, 2010
By Jay Patrick PLATINUM, Albemarle, North Carolina
Jay Patrick PLATINUM, Albemarle, North Carolina
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pt. 1 Fall

Fall, the beginning of seasons change
has done all to give me heaven regained
in fall old things die off and new things rise
my old love hath died and our new love flies
fall is the time to brace for the winter
we look around at the remaining beauty
and look into the following season, looking, very gloomy
leaves colors changed and shown
and i let go of all i had known
i gave it up for my new changing love
for the one i call my angel from above
the time we spent in our first moments of life
cut through the sorrow and despair like a knife
and brought forth to me the beginning of happiness

I no longer then thought of all the drowning dark
but embraced your bright glowing eyes in my heart
The days turn from hot to a slight chill
The chill that eludes the futures seasonal kill
but even in the birth of our love
I knew that nothing could stop us, even the rough
You started me off as a little ray of light
but in the moment of our greatest night
I knew that you were the one for me
the one that when my heart's blind can see
You were my new obsession
All my thoughts consumed from ideas to make you my possesion
but you cracked through the ice of all my contempt
and changed my leaves color with your great attempt
It worked too, it separated me, the leaf from my tree
that I clung so closely too and hoped would never set me free
but the grip of my stem to that tree was relinquished
and all the former i felt was extinguished
Carried away in the wind i was lost to all
that I had known, in the transforming season of fall

pt. 2 Winter

It seems that all is ours to gain
but in a quick whisp of wind comes rolling back in pain
It seems I fell for you
I couldn't stop the love form coming through
It bled through my skin
as each moment felt like a sin
but to this sin i was an addict
Quietly thinking of your kiss, "i have to have it"
Each move i made
almost turned you away
and little did i know
that i was letting you go
but i pulled you back in
and i kept you here in heaven
from that one day in our cold winter
and in your heart I planted a splinter
of affection and love so sound
that never again can it be found
from my one and only request
I put forth and you too, confessed
that we would join each other in heavenly flesh
and we would entwine our souls and mesh
as the weather grew colder, my heart grew warm
In that moment I held you close, with your perfect form
If only then I knew our seedlings would bloom
into the sweetest flowers of june

I would fall asleep every night
with only a poets vision in sight
next following in this sweet sequence
is the moment that I had my deliverance
I spoke the three simplest words
what I saw and what I heard
my deliverance was, "I love you"
and your sweet lips music replied, "I love you too"
and in that moment all was said and done
We shed our solitary skins and became one
The cold wind still biting at our heels
but no longer my heart it chills
Cause on that one night you released the pressure
building on my heart till that moment it turned light as a feather
I thought I was doomed for all eternity
but you sent shock waves of life through me
I found what we spend our lives looking for
I know that I'm done looking cause I wanted you forevermore
that cold warming season can paint the perfect picture
of me and you, in that perfect winter

pt. 3 Spring

Roses are red, violets are blue
If theres one thing you should know
it's that im deeply in love with you

Now comes the warm exciting air of spring
Its sharp warm breeze wraps around me
and lifts my hair towards the sky, be free!
your love and my happiness you always bring

Now getting past our winter struggles
we trudged out eerily towards the light
but now in this seasons many wonders we snuggle
and praise our divine passion taking flight

If there is any moment in our time
that I have ever loved you more than now
then it's caged in my imagination like a mime
I have never loved you more than now

Roses are red, violets are blue
if theres one thing you should know
it's that im deeply in love with you

My darling this season is the greatest of all
it has shown me that you are the one
that such monsterous love can still evolve
but evolving, we have just begun

Every moment that we spend is golden
Every kiss stops my heart in its place
All my grief and pain you have stolen
and all my joy flushes back in when i look at your face

Roses are red, violets are blue
if theres one thing you should know
it's that im deeply in love with you

The more I take the more I need
cause every moment with you sets my heart on fire
I'll guard your heart with my greed
and jump into the flames of your hearts pyre

The separation from you goes hundreds of miles
but the craving for you runs this ten fold!
Every different kind of suffering, with every style
but it's your love I'll cradle and hold

If there was anything that I learned in this time
it's that you can always make me smile
It boils my blood and shoots through me
flowing through my veins like the nile

Laying in a field of flowers
peering into those two worlds of mine
Laying, absorbing you for countless hours
crawling through the time of our lives, great serpentine

Still with you there is one thing
that you can always do forever,
bathe me in the sun of your spring
With this, you will keep me forever

Roses are red, violets are blue
if theres one thing you should know
it's that im deeply in love with you

pt. 4 Summer

The greatest of all the greatest!
Our summer, the end of our long, winding path
The last of my long series, the latest
Writing down emotions so beguiling angels feel my wrath

We have endured a long falls beginning
A short winters harsh relentless cold
Now our astonishing spring is ending
and as we look into summers eyes very bold

Now anxiously we wait
for the approaching of our fate
I can see far into the murky water
of our eternity together and even further!
Cause you were meant for me
and together, we walk interminably
but I'm afraid I can't keep pace
for she with her angel wings race!
For such murky waters they are very blue!
to me, that is, of the picture of me and you
Though there may never be anything there
I know that you will provide me care
and everything else I need to survive
because you, baby, are my life

Tremendous showers of tears from heaven
fall down to earth in all mighty rain
Each drop marked with a seven
bedazzles me, and cleanses the pain

So now I am shining bright with joy
and blinding the world for just one thing
So that all your evil will deploy
and give back this great love till your heart sings

Please whatever you do
know that I will be here for you
we will tilt the sands of time
and I'll write all great happiness in each rhyme
to show you all the love of mine
and make your warming brown eyes shine
with the glowering of the sun
that burns in my heart to be one
with my pride, joy, soul
Your the plug to fill the hole
now I can see through the endless dark
down the path of each fragment of a dream, each and every part
Now where was that great void?
buried deep underneath you and was destroyed

Filled through and through with love
I write endlessly of your marvelous deeds
of mending a broken heart that would drown in the river it bleeds!
I know that you are an angel from above

So now, winding down this poem embedded in each kiss
deep down in the valley where no one knows
We'll stay, locked behind these bars of everlasting happiness
and watch the beautiful transition, of our rose

The author's comments:
This poem is just simply about how the love of me and my girlfriend has transformed like the seasons. I can never tell her how much I love her so I try to write it down

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