To Love Again

September 16, 2010
By Minnimouse SILVER, Elizabeth, Colorado
Minnimouse SILVER, Elizabeth, Colorado
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When the blade of lust pierces
an already shattered heart,
you can hear the echoes of sorrow
from far off,
Love is what heals,
the one true thing in the world
that can realign all breaks
and heal all wounds,
but love can be crushed
by malicious words and malevolent actions,
love rests atop the edge of the sharpest sword
awaiting the next mistake;
the young couple that can’t make it
the husband who’s caught
the soul mate who’s left in a hospital bed
no more,
Lucifer rejoices in the agony of our distress
sings a sickening little tune that matches the beat of a broken heart
but with love, even as abused as it is,
can make miracles possible
but we must fight back against the demons
the pain, the heart ache, the despair
and have the power to love again

The author's comments:
about love and losing love and then being able to love again

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