Hidden In the Tree's

September 18, 2010
Silently I crept through the cold dark night. I slip into the comfort of darkness in the tree's. I search them for the shadow I have come to know so well. Silently I whisper...once, twice, three times. No reply. Suddenly the rustle of leaves is heard nearby. My whispers lost to the wind and his ears. I turn to find him so close. I step back to and tip backwards. Not falling for he has caught me in his arms that I had longed for so long ago. He sat us down. We spoke for through the highest point at night to the lowest point of the sun. As our conversation that seemed all to short ended. He pressed his lips to mine creating the warmth in my body that I craved, missed, pained for. I missed him as much as he had missed I. Time stopped only for a second and his lips left mine. I opened my eyes to find nothing but a forest of leaves,old tree's, wind, and I. The warmth gone but still as memorable as if it were still there. "Till next time love" I whispered to the wind. A response "and a wonderful next time it will be love.

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