September 18, 2010
The smoke covered the glass as the
fire burned behind me. All I wanted
to do was escape, free myself from
this burning nightmare.

So many thoughts raced through
my head. How was I going to
escape? I was trapped between
death and a life unknown.

Which step should I take? Is
it better to stay there as the
fire burns inside me, or leave
knowing I would live with
the guilt of starting it?

Either way, there’s no escaping this.

I am a walking path of destruction.
All the problems I carry start
fires impossible to extinguish.
These are no flames, these are

Wrongdoings that I have
committed. I want nothing
but to see past the smoke-covered
glass. An Answer.

But the choice is all up
to me. Not everyone can
live with fire inside them.
Not everyone can put it out.

Only I have the power to
make my life right.

Only I have the power to escape.

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