Burned Bridges

September 18, 2010
Tonight the air is freezing
There is thickness filled of sorrow
Tears of pain and struggle
Feels like I’m living death

Relationships disappearing
Bridges broken and burned
Shock runs through these veins
Breath cut short

Running away inside my mind
Knowing what is taking place
Scared to feel the pain of loneliness
Wanting to jump and not feel anything

Mistakes have been made
Your hand let’s me go
I finally feel the pain
The sun is disappearing

Wanting to hold on for a last glance
I see the pain in your eyes
Is it for me slipping away
Is it for something else

I cry out for you
The thickness in the air traps it
I feel scared and tears escape my eyes
The sun is even dimmer
I no longer feel as I am numb

You walk away and I finally die
Instead of light dark surrounds me
No longer numb
I feel the flames of hell

I see all the mistakes I’ve made
I see all the people I love
But where are you
Did you disappear

I guess you got your wish
I didn’t get mine
We both lose but you won too
You got what you wanted but you lost me

I now have a part missing
I loved you and still love you
I would protect you even now
All well one day I will prove
I am not worthless
I am strong
You will be proud

I don’t want you to feel pain
Not even hell’s flames
I will rebuild the bridge that has been burned
I won’t disappear ever from your sight

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