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September 18, 2010
By AQuietPerson SILVER, Columbus, Pennsylvania
AQuietPerson SILVER, Columbus, Pennsylvania
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Why look at me like that?
Why do this to me?

You left without telling and you didn't look back. You won't talk to me and it scares me. I miss your hugs and kisses and your love and wishes.

Why did you turn your back on me?

I wish you would come back. I don't want things to stay the same, but i don't want things to change.

Why did you do this to me?

Make me bleed with blood unseen, but i can feel it run down my chest, the hurt of my broken heart. I can't trust. I am unable to work emotions from two pieces. How do you sleep when I cant even blink. The tears of my obvious loss that you do not see. You yell when i ask questions. But you expect me to be okay. I cry but nobody sees, i scream but nobody hears.

How can I be okay when I'm dying?
Why kill my living soul?
Don't you see?

I can taste you going by oblivious.

I wonder what is going through your mind?

Mine searches the possibilities, but comes up blank. I can't think, and it terrifies me. People laugh, because I need advice. But you walk away. You run from me. From your problems.

Am I your problem?

I do not know, because you won't say. I miss you, and I'm afraid to say, i do not know what you will reply. Mentioning your name makes me feel dead inside So I shall not. But still you walk away. Seeing you angers me greatly. Everything I see reminds me of you. But i don't see you, nor do i wish to. But you are everywhere. I want to go, but I wish to stay. I want you far away. Don't come back, you don't deserve my trust, but you don't see what you have done to me. I'm a wreck of broken pieces strung together with glue. I can't see what you see.

Where do you come from?
Why are you running?
Why do you run from us?

You can only run for so far before the ground falls from under you. I see the grass and I wonder, do you miss the grass. Where you sit now do you imagine grass between your toes? I can feel your sent wrapped around me cradling my tender heart.

Where did you go?
Why do you run?
Do you miss the grass?

I, miss the grass, with an hour on this gray surface. Concrete. The hard, unforgiving concrete, where nothing lives. Where trapped roots starve. Are you as unforgiving as the concrete? I do hope not.

Why do you run?

I starve like roots trapped under the load you left behind. Death is scary, though you are dead to me. I don't see you, but i do not miss you. That doesn't describe death.

So where did you go?

Death is too far away, but I can still feel you. Everywhere. Why do I wish for forgiveness when I've done nothing wrong, but still i feel wrong. Something is wrong, I don't understand

Why did you go?

Wrong. Something is wrong. Very wrong. I don't understand, but you won't say.

Is it bad?
Why do I hurt so bad?
Why am I not okay?

I am beginning to run from the scars you left behind, it makes no sense to me. People wonder what has happened to me.

Why do i act the way i do?

Truth is i do not know, and i want out. My Dad told me I can't get out of life. I try to think, and keep in mind that I can't, but its hard, when you do such things to me. You stand with a stone cold face and I die inside because I know disappointment is clearly stained on my face.

Why do you hate me so?
Why do you put me threw such pain?
Do I deserve this pain?

Wishing is useless. Wishes don't come true, still I wish you'd talk to me.

Is my struggle worth it?
Do you even notice?

Notice that I work my heart to shreds. The blood that runs down my chest dying my skin scarlet. Notice that I am dying. I would never consider dying now, but why do you make me feel it wouldn't be much worse.

What did I do wrong?
Where did I slip up?

A tree stands in the cold alone. Its branches wrap around itself for comfort. A single man struggles threw the trees to find the perfect firewood. Saw in a hand and another pulling his collar around his neck. Where did he come from? The tree struggles to stay standing. The man puts his saw against the tree.... there's a crash in the once quiet wood. The man has found warmth, while the tree has lost light.

Sound familiar? You took my light for your benefit, so you, can make it threw a storm that won't end because you went astray.

Do you realize how you've hurt me?
Why am I alone?
Everyone has their problems but why are theirs so much more important?
Why am I always second best?
Why am I stuck being me?

I miss you. There I said it, but you never will. A hug has never meant so less. You said you missed me, but I find it hard to see. You could have tried harder, I know you could endure the harsh and helpful words to see me and you again. I hate you for doing that. If it wasn't for that lady you would have missed seeing me again, although you probably wouldn't lose a wink of sleep over this small loss to you. I hope you can see the pain I feel so strong it hurts.

Why have I got this feeling?
What have you done to me?

The author's comments:
i wrote this during school one day and i have no idea what its about it's just a bunch of ideas i put together. tell me what you think (:

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