Memories are Whispers of the Past

September 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Memories are whispers of the Past. Bringing self-inflicted Hatred. At your own foolish Pain. Of your foolish Fear. Of your foolish Naivete. Of your foolish mistakes. To believe in Lies, that brought you lower and deeper than the Core of the World. Naive enough to care. Sad enough to want it all to end. Depressed enough to do it yourself. Feeble enough to attempt. Lucky enough to not succeed. But memories are whispers of the Past. And they come in many forms. In lightened scars on your arms. In the dark rings around your eyes. And in the fragility of your soul. Memories are whispers of the Past. Past Sorrow. Of Past Mistakes. Of Past Pain. But, the Past is just that, the Past. And its something that can't be Forgotten. And its something that sadly can't be undone.

The author's comments:
this poem is about my past and how i reflect on it now...i got through my depression on my own...and im not depressed anymore but the memory of it is something that haunts me now....i think will haunt me forevermore...

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